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On this Indonesia Research & Innovation Expo 2022 (InaRI Expo) occasion, a number of programs and startups are also introduced o the public which can boost business development, among others:



Indonesia shall hold the Presidency or host G20 High-Level Conference (KTT) in 2022. Since 2021, Indonesia became a part of Troika G20 and shall prepare sustainable events with a set of activities already performed by the G20 Presidency KTT G20 in 2021 which was in Italy.

On Research Ministers Meeting held on 6 August 2021, Indonesian (cq BRIN) proposed the establishment of the G20 Research and Innovation Working Group. To follow up on such a proposal, BRIN shall perform a series of activities of G20 Research and Innovation Initiative Gathering (RIIG) with a theme of Blue and Green Economy. This activity is designed to support research and innovation among G20 members and contribute to global economic growth and boost green economic growth for the future.

In the recent decade, the Blue and Green Economy concept emerged as s strategic priority for many governments. Economic transformation by taking into account sustainable development, countries shall be ready to tackle with huge challenges we are currently facing such as resources scarcity, climate change, environmental security threats, energy crisis, and so on. Therefore, by this activity, it shall be an opportunity for stakeholders at each level either government or private to share insights and opportunities and establish partnerships using the concept of Blue and Green Economy to achieve sustainable economic development.



Exhibition and seminar initiated by ASEAN-India Technology Business Incubation (TBI) on Digital, Green, and Blue Economy Forum 2022. This forum is a collaboration of ASEAN-India to enhance Small and Medium- Sized Enterprises Technology Business Incubation (TBI). It is a program where initiators explore their ideas to be visionary dreams under integrated support and methodology proven by incubators.



BRIN has PPBR (Research-Based Startup Company) program, as a funding and mentoring program for the development of startup company business. This is designed to establish a research-based startup company with independence, profitable and sustainable business development. Application of mentoring for PPBR shall be done by activity stages including preincubation, incubation, and post-incubation. The involvement of PPBR in InaRIE is a promotion method and product introduction so as to be more widely known.